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Gastric band hypnosis
Gastric band hypnosis – what everyone should know about this approach
The current craze offered by some hypnotherapists is "gastric band hypnosis", also referred to as "hypnotic gastric banding", "hypno-band" or "virtual band". I think it is important to be presented with information about other approaches towards losing weight before making an informed decision as to which approach will best meet your needs.
I have chosen not to use gastric band hypnosis as I feel this approach may not be the answer to long term weight loss needs. Before explaining my reasons for this, it may be helpful to explore some of the possible benefits of gastric band hypnosis:
  1. Non-invasive - no surgery required
  2. No eligibility criteria – available to everyone
  3. Easily accessible – shorter waiting lists than hospitals
What are the potential disadvantages?
  1. Treating the root cause – gastric band hypnosis is based on the flawed model of "symptom removal" without addressing the underlying causes to a client’s weight issues. Behind the symptoms (i.e. unhealthy or negative eating habits) are usually underlying causes. For example, people can overeat or resort to negative eating habits as a way of managing stress, anxiety, depression, emotional problems, etc.

    If the cause is not treated there is a risk that the symptoms may re-surface again in the future or can manifest into another area (i.e. symptom substitution) causing the onset of new problems. For example, a smoker who identifies that the cause of their smoking habit is due to stress related issues may find themselves with this root cause (i.e. stress) manifesting into a new form such as overeating or increase in alcohol consumption.

  2. Feeling empowered – gaining permanent control over your eating habits so that you can eat a healthy and balanced diet and sustain these changes long term is very empowering, rather than feeing it is down to the gastric band hypnosis or the power of the hypnotherapist. Losing weight and maintaining this weight loss permanently is extremely empowering, particularly when you know that this is due to your own inner resources but with the guidance and support of your hypnotherapist.

  3. The approach – some hypnotherapist’s conduct an imaginary operation whilst the client is in trance and the content can be very graphical portraying a realistic operation. The subconscious mind is extremely susceptible and receptive when in hypnosis and it is possible that a client may mentally "experience" the same physical problems that can occur with a real gastric band operation, such as vomiting and pain. The client may perceive the “operation” as going wrong due to anxiety or negative thinking. Imagining having an operation may trigger uncomfortable feelings which could indeed trigger the onset of anxiety or an actual phobia, for example a phobia of hospitals, needles, etc.

  4. The profession – hypnotherapy is now widely recognised as an effective psychological therapy. It has taken a long time to get to where we are today and the profession is gaining continued recognition by practitioners within the health service. In the past stage hypnotists had a huge impact on public perception and the profession. Watching live stage shows or television programmes resulted in many people having misconceptions about what hypnotherapy entailed, feeling fearful that the hypnotherapist may assume a role of power or control and make them do something that they don’t want to do. The approach of gastric band hypnosis could resurface some of these fears and anxieties and affect the credibility of the profession.
I hope this information will assist you in deciding which approach best meets your weight loss needs. If you want to work towards a long term solution you can be assured that my approach will help you to achieve your goal. You can expect to feel empowered as I assist you to gain permanent control over your eating habits so that you can eat a balanced and healthy diet, lose weight and maintain your weight loss long term.
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