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Stop Smoking - More about the treatment process
FREE Telephone Consultation
You will receive a free non obligation telephone consultation lasting approximately 15 minutes. During this consultation I will explain hypnosis and hypnotherapy and provide you with an overview of the treatment process.
1 hour Assessment
Should you decide to proceed with treatment, the assessment will last approximately 1 hour. We discuss your smoking habit in detail e.g. why you want to stop, any smoking related health problems and how you plan to reward yourself. Using behaviour therapy we then discuss your daily routine so that you can start the process of trying to break the psychological habit before your treatment. At the end of the assessment you will be issued with a comprehensive workable handbook. This comprises of general information to help increase motivation, an action plan, exercises to complete prior to your treatment and tips to help you as a non smoker. We negotiate a quitting day and arrange treatment on this day.
2 Hour Hypnotherapy Session

This comprehensive hypnotherapy session will last approximately 2 hours. The first stage involves reviewing your progress since the assessment, we go through the exercises that you have completed and discuss any concerns you may have. The hypnosis part occupies a large part of this session. The aim of hypnosis is to assist you to permanently break the psychological habit on a subconscious level. Powerful hypnotic techniques are used to assist your subconscious mind to break your smoking habit . The final stage involves reviewing your experience of hypnosis; we also discuss any other issues or concerns. At the end of the session you will be provided with a hypnotherapy CD which will help to reinforce the treatment.

Post Treatment Support for 1 Month
If required you will receive FREE telephone support and a FREE session for 1 month. Most people find the 2 hour session sufficient; however you can feel reassured knowing that you have support for 1 month.
Some people never experience a craving after hypnotherapy. Those that do have techniques and strategies to put into place to prevent and manage any onset of cravings. There are no “miracle cures” or guarantees, you need to be truly motivated and feel the time is right to quit. As with any problem or condition, you need to be committed to the treatment process and understand that hypnotherapy is a method to help you rather than a “miracle cure”.
If you are ready to quit and want to permanently break this psychological habit with hypnosis then call today!
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