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“I have always been terrified and worried about public speaking, presentations, and conference calls and generally been present in any kind of meeting. I feel like I am going to stop breathing; my voice and body starts to shake. The hypnotherapy is helping create changes to prevent the above from happening when I am put in these positions.

Ruth is very professional. At all times Ruth makes me feel at ease and did do right from the start from our first conversation. This whole process is making me put things into perspective in that I shouldn’t feel judged when I stand up to speak. I am a confident person and I need to remember that Ruth is giving me the tools to help me believe in myself”.


Miranda Dunstan, 1st December 2014 (interim testimonial)


Relationship issues, stress and anxiety

“I felt overwhelmed by what I first thought were a large number of issues; gradually working with Ruth we are unravelling things in my mind and getting to a root cause. I’m finding the process difficult in that I have to face things and deal with them for what they are in order to move forward and achieve an end goal.

Everyone needs someone they can open up to, talking things out certainly helps and Ruth is an easy person to talk to and doesn’t make you feel judged in anyway; you feel more supported in your journey”.


Anonymous, 23rd November 2014 (interim testimonial)


Eating Disorder

Hypnotherapy has given me more confidence in my life and helped me do things I didn’t think I’d be able to do. I do feel like I need a re-boost in the near future to maintain my confidence.

Ruth is very professional, understanding and trustworthy. Expensive but worth the money that you have to pay.”


Anonymous, 12th November 2014


OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

“Hypnotherapy is helping me feel more relaxed and lowered my OCD and improving my confidence. Ruth is very friendly, easy to talk to and easy to open up to.

Would recommend”.


Andy, 10th November 2014 (interim testimonial)


Sports Performance: Running

“Before my sessions with Ruth I was having difficulty with my confidence and breathing during running. I had previously fallen over in a half-marathon. Hypnotherapy has helped me to visualise myself running with enjoyment, fast and successfully. The changes in my attitude and confidence have been unbelievable. I no longer dread and avoid running. I now love the feeling again and am constantly trying to improve.

Ruth is very very professional and has helped me achieve goals in sports performance that I didn’t think were possible. Amazing results from an amazing professional”


Nicola O’ Brien, 24th September 2014


Fear of Driving

“Hypnotherapy has helped me conquer my fear of driving. Something which I never thought would be possible. Although I have still got a way to go I am very positive and the fact that I have done some driving is a great achievement. Ruth is a very genuine and caring person and a very good listener who makes you feel totally at ease at all times – Thank you Ruth”.


Anonymous, 19th September 2014 (interim evaluation)


Eating Disorder, Anxiety & Low self-esteem

“Since finishing hypnotherapy I feel that my initial problems have much less impact on my every day life. My struggles with an eating disorder and anxiety are less significant and when I am faced with any issues I feel I can deal with them and overcome them much easier than before. I think the work Ruth did with me has certainly helped me deal with and overcome problems I have struggled with for a long time. I wouldn’t hesitate to return in the future if I ever feel I need some extra help”.


Anonymous, 13th September 2014


Alcohol Recovery and Sleep Problems (vivid dreams & nightmares)

The hypnotherapy has become underlying in my day to day activities and has helped to realise problems when they arise. I can call upon hypnosis when I need to help focus and meditate and it has begun to enter facets of my recovery in alcoholism.

Ruth is very personable and at ease in therapy and has a professional approach. She is also willing and open to new research ideas in the therapy field!”


Simon Jacques, 27th August 2014 (interim evaluation)


Difficulty Swallowing Liquid

“Hypnotherapy is keeping me calmer which in turn is improving the condition. I find Ruth very professional and at the same time very friendly and she makes me feel safe”.


Ann, 25th August 2014  (interim evaluation)


Confidence and Anxiety

"Since I had hypnotherapy I have felt a more confident person. I still lack confidence in certain things, but overall I do feel hypnotherapy has helped me. I think Ruth did a good job and eased my anxiety. I’m glad I decided on hypnotherapy. Ruth did a good job on me – so I thank her for that”.


Paul, 23rd August 2014



“I found hypnotherapy helped me to get to my problems into perspective. It was calming and the CD’s were very useful to use at home in between sessions. It taught me the breathing exercises to calm me down. I was able to face my concerns head on in a safe environment and figure out ways to deal with them.

Ruth is very easy to talk to and makes you feel calm and relaxed. She has a genuine need to help people and it is obvious that she really cares. She is professional at all times and you know everything is confidential. She is a lovely, caring person and from the first meeting I felt at ease with her. I would recommend Ruth without hesitation”.


Kim W, 11th August 2014


Confidence issues and Sports Performance (Running)

“I initially called Ruth as I was feeling very anxious whilst running after I fell over at the end of the half marathon. After a real good chat on my first session with Ruth it appeared that I was struggling with negative self-talk and a lack of confidence. Since my hypnotherapy and talking therapy sessions with Ruth I feel like a weight has been lifted. I am not as tense and stressed as I was before. I am a natural worrier and people pleaser, however hypnotherapy has helped me worry less and please myself a little more!! I no longer lose sleep over small worries that don’t really matter and have learnt to speak up in situations that I didn’t realise I was hiding from.

Hypnotherapy has also helped me get back on the streets running confidently. I no longer feel as panicked about my running performance. Ruth has given me as many tools as possible to ensure if anxiety ever occurs again I can stop it before it boils over into a massive panic. I feel like an athlete rather than a failure!!

Ruth is very approachable and will not judge anyone. She is highly professional and thorough at all times. After the first time I spoke to Ruth on the telephone I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders – she was so easy to talk to. Ruth is very knowledgeable and can sympathise and understand a situation quickly and easily. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy, and in particular Ruth as a Hypnotherapist.”


Nicola O Brien, 28th July  2014


Issues relating to dealing with disability following a stroke and coming to terms with retirement from work

“Hypnotherapy has given me confidence and helped my stress levels. Also, it has helped me move on with my life. Ruth became someone I could talk to who helped me without talking down to me.”


Sue, 26th May 2014


Stress, decision making, relationship issues and overeating (emotional)

“Hypnotherapy is helping me feel calmer. I have addressed some issues. My head feels clearer and I have established “plans” to help. Ruth is very calming and understanding and very clearly explains the process”


Anonymous, 19th May 2014 (Interim evaluation)


Issues relating to dealing with disability following a stroke and coming to terms with retirement from work

“I am more in control of my life and now able to take control. Was able to talk to Ruth, she is a very good listener and made me feel very much at ease”.


Sue, 23rd April 2014


Phobia of Needles

“Before treatment I regularly had very high anxiety levels when seeing anything to do with needles on TV/films. Even talking about them would leave me feeling anxious and light headed. Throughout my treatment Ruth helped me overcome these anxieties to the point that I am naturally confident seeing injections and it has definitely helped me to fulfil a long time desire to get a tattoo!!

Ruth took an extremely professional and sensitive approach. She always took the time to explain the methods and procedures involved in the treatment. Her dedication, care and personal attention was greatly appreciated”


Adam Jessop, 7th April 2014



**“I feel much more relaxed, and I am now able to enter places where previously I was ill. The CD’s help a lot and I am able to play them at my leisure. I found Ruth a very pleasant and professional, understanding lady. I will have no hesitation in recommending her. Thank you Ruth”.


Michael, 29th March 2014


**“Hypnotherapy is helping by feeling more relaxed about my problem and using the CD and literature given to me and knowing how to breathe from the diaphragm correctly is helping me. I have found Ruth easy to talk to and very professional in her work. I feel confident that in time I will be well again”.


Michael, 4th March 2014  (interim evaluation)

**Both testimonial submitted by the same client


General Time Management and Lateness

“This has been a problem with me for so long it was as if I had no control over it, even though trying consistently to improve my lateness it had become almost habitual. Ruth made me understand it was a genuine problem I would not have solved without help. I have got to the root of it when it deteriorated more and hypnotherapy successfully helping me to overcome my problem and see an end to it.

I know this may sound silly but just speaking with Ruth on the phone made me feel better about my problem, having put off contacting anybody a number of times before. She is so patient and such a good listener. I know with her help I will overcome my problem”


Anonymous, 25th February 2014 (interim evaluation)


Eating Phobia: struggling to eat in social situations

“Hypnotherapy has helped in many ways such as helping me relate more and understand my problems and deal with them head on. It is so worth having hypnotherapy, it helps in so many ways. It has given me a new confidence and I feel so much more positive.

Don’t hesitate to do the therapy, it is worth every penny. If I have another problem in the future I will be straight back to Ruth”


Anonymous, 23rd February 2014


** Anxiety, sleep and confidence issues


 “Hypnotherapy has helped me in many ways such as help build up my self-belief and confidence. Also, helping me with sleep problems and many more aspects of my life.

My therapist was excellent in all aspects mentioned above. A very kind, thoughtful person and a pleasure to be with”.


** Sports performance (cricket)


 “The first treatment I had was very significant because it revealed to me the person I wanted to be and knew I could be. It took a burden off my shoulders. That revelation was critical and consolidated in further treatment.

From my very first meeting with my therapist I was totally confident of her capabilities. I admire her depth of knowledge and pursuit of more knowledge. She is kind, considerate and professional to the nth degree”.


Anonymous, 21st February 2014
** Both testimonials submitted by the same client


Alcohol Recovery & Sleep Condition

Following a decision to enter therapy for major sleep problems, the larger area concerning my illness has been explained. Before entering rehab for this I was aware of issues that would need to be explored when I came out. Hypnotherapy has helped me to start to reconstruct my life/my thinking and behaviour alongside my recovery.

Ruth is an extremely affable person who from the beginning shows an admirable personal approach to therapy. She makes the process very comfoirtable and shows genuine interest, care and understanding”.


Simon Jacques, 20th February 2014


Phobia of spiders

“Hypnotherapy has helped to become more in control of my fear and to be able to deal with it more rationally. It has enabled me to deal with stresses in a more calm and positive way.

Ruth is a very approachable and caring therapist who makes you feel “normal” when those around you make you feel you’re “mad”. She is honest about the therapy she gives and understanding of the lives her clients live”,


Dawn, 18th February 2014


Lack of self-confidence and anxiety

“Hypnotherapy has helped a lot because I don’t worry about things as much as I used to. I thank Ruth a lot. She has helped me a lot. I feel a more confident person”.


Paul, 25th January 2014


Fear of driving

“Hypnotherapy has helped me to analyse my fear of driving. It is very relaxing and not scary at all. Small but attainable goals are discussed and I have managed to achieve them so far. Still a way to go but feeling very positive.

Ruth is very easy to open up to and you feel she genuinely cares and wants to help you. The sessions are not rushed and you leave feeling positive and good about yourself”


Anonymous, 19th January 2014 (interim evaluation)


Tinnitus and anxiety

“I suffer from very severe Tinnitus which was making life unbearable, I would not leave the house in case I had a bad attack, I gave up scouting commitments, I would have been quite happy to just die. I went to see Ruth as a last hope that she would be able to help me.

After my first session with her I could feel a difference. She then recorded a couple of CD’s with hypnotherapy sessions on them for me to use at home. These were life savers; I took them on holiday with me (I wouldn’t have been able to go on holiday before) and played them when I was relaxing, two or three times a day. The results were magical, when I came home I resumed my sessions with Ruth and things just got better and better.

Ruth is a great listener and is very patient with you; she puts you at ease from the first meeting. Not only have I got my life back but I feel I can go back any time I need help.”


Mike Frost, 10th December 2013


Skin Picking (Interim testimonial)

“I have tried to deal with the problem myself but over a number of years it became obvious that I was not succeeding. Hypnotherapy is providing a way to get to the root of the problem and to develop skills and strategies to overcome it.
Ruth is easy to talk to and asks questions which are helping me to make observations which I have not verbalised before. I do not feel inhibited in revealing my thoughts as layers are “peeled away”.


David, 8th November 2013


Interim testimonial: Eating Disorder and low self-esteem

“Hypnotherapy has really helped improve my anxiety and helped me relax. It has helped me think more positively and although I feel I still have a way to go to overcome issues that I have struggled with for a long time, I feel much more positive about the future and I have done things I never believed possible without anxiety.
At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about hypnotherapy as I had previously tried therapies without much success. I was a little afraid of the unknown, however Ruth really helped me relax and feel comfortable. It has definitely been beneficial”


Anonymous, 15th September, 2013


Anxiety and depression caused by being alone

“Hypnotherapy gave me confidence and more self-esteem. It made me relaxed and more content. Also, helped me understand that although I was on my own I could cope with it. Made me feel so much more positive.
Ruth is a lovely person. She makes you feel totally at ease. I was so nervous and unsure at first but Ruth explained everything and listened to my problems”

Joanne Robinson, 6 September, 2013


Interim Testimonial: Weight reduction

“Hypnotherapy is helping to control the way I eat and look at food/eating”

Anonymous, 5th September 2013


Anxiety/Panic Attacks

“I can do everything I want to do and go anywhere without having a panic attack. A much happier person.”
I can’t believe how much better I fee. Thank you so much!”

Miss Sweet, 2 September 2013


Weight Management

My therapist’s approach and disposition was fantastic!


Anonymous, 7th April 2013


Self-confidence and embarrassment

“It’s hard to put into words how hypnotherapy has helped me because it sounds so corny when I say it has changed my life, but it has.
I took a career break after having my second child and without knowing had slowly lost my confidence and this came to a head when she started nursery. It got so bad that I started to panic about going up to school to pick my eldest child and meet up with friends for coffee without getting panicky and embarrassed.
When I met Ruth I was at my lowest and needed someone to see how I was struggling and help me understand why I felt like I did. We talked about all aspects of my life and with the help of hypnosis and confidence building, made sense of the feelings I carried around in my head.
The time I spent with Ruth not only changed my life but my family’s life for the better. While working with Ruth I applied for a job (which I would never have done before) and got the job. Through hypnosis, Ruth has given me the coping mechanisms which I still use today and I will always be grateful for her help and support during a difficult time in my life.
The first time I spoke to Ruth, she put me at ease. She has a calming nature which relaxes you and you know you can open up without judgement. I always felt comfortable and safe during my sessions of hypnosis”


Melanie, 28th February 2013

Toilet Phobia

“Hypnotherapy has helped me: learn about normal levels of anxiety suffered by everyone, relaxation techniques and thought stopping. The constant worry of what “could happen has been replaced with more rational ways of thinking”

Amanda, 8th February 2013

Phobia of Numbers

“Hypnotherapy reduced initial anxiety and altered my negative thought processes in relation to the issue. I continue to utilise relaxation CD’s for relaxation. I wished I had accessed hypnotherapy years ago! It maintains my stress levels and enables me to juggle  many competing demands competently and calmly”


From a very satisfied client, 13th January 2013

Acceptance of disability and overcoming traumatic events

“Having suffered several traumas during the past 5 years, I was unable to see any positive future, but now know that I can and will have more happy years in the future, in spite of disabilities. Thank you Ruth”


VR, 28th October 2012

Grief, Relationship issues and confidence Weight Management

“I was unable to continue treatment at the given time because of additional family problems. Since ceasing therapy I have continued to use strategies and “understanding” learned from my sessions and I feel calmer and happier.

I like the flexibility within the treatment sessions, you don’t impose a planned hypnotherapy sessions if the counselling within the session is in full flow”


Megan, 10th August 2012


February – September 2012: Long term sick leave

Weight Management

"Hypnotherapy has helped me become more relaxed about everything - I donít think about food as much"

Julie Coddington 17th February 2012

Weight Management

"Iím no longer grazing continually throughout he day, therefore am in a better frame of mind and better prepared to start losing weight (which I am incidentally). I started hypnotherapy with Ruth in desperation, and with some scepticism, but Iím now a complete convert and recommend it to anyone"

Rachel 9th February 2012

Weight Management

"When I get weighed, if the result isn't what I was expecting, it no longer impacts on my behaviour with food. I am also more active without it feeling like a chore. I have more control over the choices I make about food and snack less. Ruth is very easy to talk to about weight issues which are very sensitive. Its not just one approach for everyone, I felt she cared about me as an individual and tailored the therapy to my specific needs. The changes in my behaviour have been surprisingly easy and long term, so I know I will achieve the weight loss I desire"

S Moyle 25th January 2012


"Lot more positive, a lot more calmer and a lot less anxiety. Ruth has helped me to overcome my anxiety and make me more positive. Sheís very easy to talk to and really listens and is thorough in helping"

Andy 11th January 2012

Vomiting Phobia

“Because of my fear I was afraid of flying and being in a confined space where people were likely to be sick and I could not get away from them. After my time with Ruth I flew to New York and Miami with no problems at all.

I was afraid of using toilets in pubs and restaurants, again in case there was anybody in there being ill but this also made me anxious and made me need the toilet more, now I do not give it a second thought.

Thanks to Ruth I am now living a far more normal life and able to go away and days out”.

Helen Baxter 7th November 2011

Weight Management
"After years of dieting I now feel in control. I am eating healthy and am motivated to do exercise which is resulting in weight loss without the "diet" word.
A massive thank you for your help in changing my life and helping me get to where I always wanted to be in terms of health and fitness".

Maxine Dickinson 27th August 2011
Stress Management and the Management of Migraines
"Techniques learned have helped me manage my stress at work so that I do not respond in a negative way to certain situations. I have seen a reduction in the intensity of my headaches. I have been given the tools to reduce stress as it is happening or before it has negative effects, especially with diaphragmatic breathing.
Hypnotherapy is very relaxing and is a good way of taking some time for yourself in the busy world when no one else can get at you. It is not something to be scared of as you are fully aware of what is happening to you at all times".

Helen 16th August 2011
"Gave me the mental ďtoolsĒ to deal with my problems effectively"

Steve C of Aston 7th June 2011
"I was suffering from anxiety about flying on a plane & also suffered from Hyperhidrosis (excess sweating). After hypnotherapy I flew on my own to Canada with no problems. The sweating is now under control.
I had hypnotherapy before but didnít really get on with the therapist. I found Ruth easy to listen to & especially liked the way she used music in the background".

Sue B 4th June 2011
Fear of Flying
"Before hypnotherapy I wouldnít have even contemplated getting on a plane but now I can say that Iíve not only taken a long haul flight but enjoyed it too.

I had no idea what to expect from hypnotherapy but Iíve been so impressed by its effectiveness and I would recommend it to other people. Itís really enjoyable and very relaxing. I would urge anyone thinking about hypnotherapy to give it a go Ė itís certainly not like anything you might have seen on TV!".

Mrs M Healy 29th May 2011
"Hypnotherapy helped me to face up to my problems and deal with them. It taught me to relax and stay positive and to look forward to the future.

I canít thank Ruth enough for all the help she gave me in getting my life back together".

P Steel 18th May 2011
Stress and Anxiety
"Due to stress at work, I became depressed and had panic attacks. This not only impacted on my work life but also greatly affected my home/social life. Hypnotherapy helped me in several ways. Being able to speak to someone who is independent and unbiased was a great help. The hypnotherapy helped me to cope with the increased stress levels and gave me the tools to cope with anxiety before it became a panic attack. I am now at a point where I feel that I am in control of my life, not the panic attacks. I am now in a new job, I am much happier, motivated and more settled. I actually feel like my old self again".

Lisa Snowden 2nd April 2011
"I have found closure to a number of significant life events. I am positive, have emotional stability and looking forward to letting ďmeĒ live a positive life interacting with other people and developing closer relationships.

I think I have over achieved my goal, I found the whole experience rewarding. Thank you".

Megan 1st April 2011
"Hypnotherapy has changed my life. I used to worry about everything but now I am able to live life to the full. Embracing new experiences and fulfilling my dreams. Thank you Ruth".

Jennie 22nd February 2011